"What a scent you are Equus N ° 8? You are like a wild Arabian horse. So proudly you come and be wild in your movement and charisma. You're like dark adrenaline on my skin. You flow through my veins like a lava flow of emotions. Burning spices lay on my soul. How fine and luxurious leather glitters your soft fur in the sunset. You are so beautiful and wild. Unflinching and spirited as a living fire is your smell. So proud, persevering, and powerful is each of your movements. Equus N ° 8 You are a fiery and smoky ride in the soul of a man. Temperament and passion in every breath.

Equus N ° 8 is a multi-faceted and unique perfume of delicious fragrances. Spicy cardamom and beautiful spicy carnations with rosewood move in the headnote. A noble leather and a delicate saffron absolute dominate with sweetish-smoky myrrh the heart note. In the base note, the fire comes from noble woods, rose, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. The whole ending in a smoky and fiery final chord of elegance.

Equus N ° 8 is like the soul of a wild horse. Free and unbridled.

What an exciting fragrance you are Equus N ° 8!" JC Look

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