"Although ocean waves have chaotic origins, once a few of them get going to travel vast distances with ease, they do tend to settle into traveling groups of seven, and the seventh wave is the biggest of the bunch. Just kidding, the seventh wave is a myth.

There is strong symbolism in the chosen Name. There are seven Continents and seven Oceans on the globe. There are seven colors in the rainbow and seven notes on the musical scale. The Big Dipper or the guiding stars reveal a pattern of seven stars. I could go on like this for a pretty long time. Seven is considered as a highly mystical and holy number. There are so many fascinating myths and legends across the world but I like this one because it is a bridge crossing for my impressions on “York No 7”, one part of the exotic and delicate triptych by YeYe Parfums. Ernesto is deeply fascinated by the symbolism of the number seven.

It’s not unusual to go back in time in order to find the most appropriate response for future requirements coming. Rummaging in the mystical history box was Ernesto’s way of defining his own futuristic concept of a perfume. Therefore I see Ernesto as an olfactive futurist.

He offers his concept of the modern gentleman out to the world to see how it evolves and grows. Of course, it’s a very bold and risky move, launching such a perfume without knowing whether the world is ready for it. What Ernesto gave us is an elegant concept; an absolutely modern interpretation of traditional gentleman scent that is floating without much curves, but with a certain elastic and sleekly propulsive core, which is needed for extraordinary new and excitingly unique scent construction.

Although Ernesto created “Y.O.R.K No 7” as a unisex perfume, I see it as a perfect scent to be worn by John Preston (Equilibrium) or Neo (Matrix), which means a clean male perfume. There’s a slight creaminess with some bitterness and elegant aroma of grapefruit mixed with a hint of cool freshness of the used mint note. The first impression is the unapproachable masculine aura of the beardless futuristic men dressed in black military-style clothes.

The intensive green aroma of violet leaves is constantly perceptible. It gets dammed up with powdery and sweet notes of heliotrope and iris. Nevertheless, the cool and slight bitter aroma is still there, but now in relation to gently green and powdery sweet moments. I’m sure of noticing some brief flashes of cucumber flaring up. With Precious woods and White musk, Ernesto’s creation stays pretty clean though. His perfume dries down with a soft, sweet, and whispering voice, not dirty or skanky at all, just warm and kind. In my opinion, Ernesto deliberately used synthetics in order to paint a picture of a futuristically clean and sterile environment.

No matter how clean the future world might appear…geometrically totalitarian, artificially graphical or rationally mathematical…the disruption of the symmetry through liberating and illogically ordered chaos always follows. That’s the next step for YeYe Parfums; stepping into the world of chaos with self-belief and confidence.

Everything moves in your favor when you have a dying passion and burning desire."

Bernardo Borsé

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