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Our Scented Diffusers are made of the highest concentration of essential oils, making them strong, permeating, and "enigmatic."

Presented in a classic, clear, apothecary bottle, which is embellished with our logo embossed on to our signature, pewter labels, with a band of leather cord around the neck and accompanied with over-sized, bamboo reeds, which facilitates the “diffusing” process, creating a striking presence.

Fragranced Diffuser:  e 383 ml / 13.5 fl. oz

Image by Konstantin Subbotin

Note: Upon opening the diffuser, soak one end of the bamboo reeds in the "juice" of the apothecary bottle for approximately one-half hour, and then invert them, facilitating the "diffusing" of the fragrance. Thereafter, they should be inverted as often as desired: not all rooms are of the same size; some may be located in a dry, cool/cold climate, others in a dry hot/humid climate, whatever the"context" of your space(s), you are in "control." 

Available Fragrances:

White Garden

White Garden Fragrance

"Memories," are the inspiration for this soft, classic, scent with notes of Muguet & hints of Geranium Bourbon are at the heart of this delicate composition, Oak Moss, Black Pepper & Green Tea introduces a unique twist.

Bosque Imperial

Bosque Imperial Fragrance

A refined mixture of precious woods and Nutmeg, accompanied by Ambergris, Oak Moss, and Vetiver, combined with a delicate bouquet of Azahares makes this a  magical blend with a unique twist.


Orrant Fragrance

A composition of Black Currant, Orange Blossoms, a touch of White Rose with a hint of Fir Balsam Absolute causes this succulent fragrance to conjure up emotion of exotic pleasure.


Phantom Fragrance

An enigmatic composition with notes of Labdanum, Myrrh & Dark Patchouli interacts together to create a mysterious fragrance. Ylang Ylang, Clove Buds & Spanish Sage gives this magical blend a unique touch. For the top note, you will find Cypress, with hints of Coriander & Tarragon.


Opulence Fragrance

"Flowers of Flowers," upon opening your flacon, you are enticed by hints of Mimosa, Bergamot & Bois de Dose. Jasmine & Gardenia are the heart of this romantic & delicate scent, supported by a base note of Frankincense, Amber & a soft touch of Sandalwood.