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Fragranced Candle

"Memories," are the inspiration for this soft, classic, scent with notes of Muguet & hints of Geranium Bourbon are at the heart of this delicate composition, Oak Moss, Black Pepper & Green Tea introduces a unique twist.

Luxuriously scented, made from our unique recipe of natural wax, a 100% cotton braided wick, giving the candle an exceptionally clean burn, and infused with the highest concentration of fragrance.  The gray wax is then hand-poured into a classic, gray, glass container, which is embellished with our logo embossed onto our signature pewter labels.

Fragranced Candle: e 238 g / net wt 8.4 oz

Lasting approximately 60 hours, if maintained properly, see note below.

Image by Konstantin Subbotin

Note: Lit candles should never be left unattended or within reach of children or pets. Be mindful of moving candles when the wax is hot liquid and of the surface, the candle sits on, as the bottom can become hot and potentially cause damage. The candle should be protected from various forms of drafts. It is very important, each time before lighting the candle, trim the wick to approximately an eighth of an inch, and after extinguishing the flame, center the wick to achieve a longer-lasting and clean burn. It is recommended to use specific tools designed for proper candle maintenance.