COMPLEX Collection



Our fragrance diffusers are made of the highest concentration of essential oils, making them strong, permeating and "magical."

In this collection, the e 500 ml / 17 fl. oz, classic, amber apothecary bottle is embellished with our logo, embossed into our signature pewter label, with a band of our signature leather cord at the top and accompanied with seven over-sized, Bamboo sticks, which facilitate the “diffusing” process, creating a striking presence.

Image by Konstantin Subbotin

Note: Upon opening the diffuser, soak one end of the bamboo sticks in the "juice" of the apothecary bottle for approximately 20 minutes, and then invert them, facilitating the “diffusing" of the fragrance. Thereafter, they should be inverted as often as desired. Obviously, not all "rooms" are of the same size; some may be located in dry, cold climate, others in a hot and humid climate; some rooms maybe closed up with air conditioning, heaters, air purifiers; some may have lots of natural ventilation. Whatever the "context" of your space, you are able to "control" the amount of fragrance that is dispersed by how many of the sticks are turned at any given time and how often: for more fragrance, one may turn all of the sticks once a week; or only two or three of the sticks at a time, or have longer intervals in between, for less "diffusing." You are in control.