PREMIER Collection



Luxuriously scented and made from our unique recipe of natural wax, a pure cotton braided wick, giving the candle an exceptionally "clean" burn, infused with the highest concentration of perfume. For a more powerful essence experience, the wax is hand poured into a classic, glass container, which is embellished with our logo embossed into our signature pewter label, wrapped with a band of our signature leather cord.

Our Scented Candle: e 227 g / net wt 8 oz -  last approximately 60 hours.

Image by Konstantin Subbotin

Note: We recommend burning your candle, a minimum of one half hour, during the initial use. To achieve the longest lasting burn, and to prevent oversized flames, that can melt the wax faster and cause smoke, all candles need to have on going "maintenance," by keeping the wick trimmed to approximately an eighth of an inch, each time before lighting.  In addition, if you notice the wax is not melting evenly, rather melting in one direction faster than in another, it is generally due to a breeze, natural or otherwise, which causes the flame to lean rather than standing straight up (this can also be caused if the wick is not trimmed and begins to bend). You either need to move the candle around the room...or rotate it in the opposite direction of the highest level of remaining wax. In addition, when one thinks of "candles," a vision of "illumination" comes to mind. However, the primary purpose of a "fragrant candle" is to give off a fragrance. A smaller flame, will burn more slowly...causing the candle to last longer, as it releases the intended fragrance.